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Thread: Buying Game Used Jerseys

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    Buying Game Used Jerseys

    Looking for some advice on buying game used jerseys.

    I've been looking on ebay (very skeptical) on if jerseys are truly game used or not. If you are into buying game used, what do you look for. I see a few with Steiner Sports authentication on Cowboys jerseys and wondering if thats what people go on as far as trust in authentication.

    Any advice is helpful. Thanks.

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    Steiner Sports is 100% authentic with autograph game used Yankees stuff in baseball but they are very pricey to what most people are accustomed to. Don't know if that is true in the football market or not but in baseball they are legit.
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    Alright. Yeah I see that they do a lot with baseball. Thanks for the information. Any other regarding buying jerseys?

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    I don't mess with jerseys mostly because I lack the space to display them, but when I look at them and consider whether or not they are authentic I look for something that makes me think "authentic". With jerseys I look for the size/year tag to see if it matches when the player would have worn the jersey. A lot of fakes are screwed up, like they will have a Jerome Bettis Rams jersey with a year tag from 1998 when he didn't play for the rams after 1995.

    And I would look for them to be really 1.5 feet of fabric below the waistline long. Authentic jerseys are super long so that they stay tucked in during the game. Any jersey that is cut short like a retail Nike or Reebok jersey is not game worn.

    They will be pricey, but if you go to they are actually run by the NFL and sell all kinds of authentic game used jerseys, gloves, helmets, shoes and towels and a lot of them are signed too. Depending on what player you are after you can pick up some game used jerseys for a pretty decent price.

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    Thanks for the tip. I've never checked out and it does look like most items can be bought at a decent price.

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