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Thread: Jersey's 2013 tour

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    Jersey's 2013 tour

    Will be on the east coast for half the year and the west for the 2nd half. Should be interesting. Let's get this party started. Mavs in town. Only cared for Dirk and Vince. A little more homework next time so i don't waste an item on a sorry graph. It is what it is.

    Thanks Vince. Good looking out.

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    Those two autographs look brutal! But I'd love to have that Dirk even though it was signed so badly, you probably would have been better off sending it TTM and getting another item in person. Do you do 50/50's or consignments?
    I would have loved to get Mavs autographs, you should have gone for Mayo, Marion, Collison, Kaman and etc.

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    You don't get IP graphs much huh? Let me know how 16x20s TTM work out. LOL. I don't waste my time with TTM. As far Dirk's sig, nothing wrong with it. Interaction was cool and he signed in the best spot. Now it's off to the framers. Vince was cool as well but his sig is not worth displaying.

    The rest of team sigs would be placed in a box and forgotten. Pretty much where this Vince will be placed.
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    Didn't know it was a 16x20 haha, did you graph at the game or a hotel?
    Was Vince easy to get?

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    wish I could IP graph but I am a high school student in the middle of nowhere, USA. haha

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    That's actually not bad for an IP Dirk...that Carter is disgusting I'd have laughed in his face for giving me that.

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    wow that is very bad auto from vince he didnt take his time at all

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    Finished up the Ravens season with their home playoff game. Good times. Finally landed Ray Lewis but due to the mosh pit, i've got to clean up the graphs. But it's still Ray so i could care less what the graph looked like. Pregame i got Flacco and Rice, post game was Suggs and Lewis. The following day, i hit up the Thunder. KD went down the line where as Westbrook ignored and got on the bus. Funny how 1 year changes a person. From there, hustled over to the Alfred Morris signing.
    Add these to the season total...

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    Wow nice successes! Hate the Ravens but you had an impressive haul this season! Congrats!

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    Awesome season haul on the Ravens stuff!

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