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Thread: Jerseys through the mail

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    Jerseys through the mail

    I looked but cant find a lot of info about success with sending jerseys through the mail. Do you guys find that most people listed as good signers in the database don't care what they sign, or do they balk at jerseys? Just looking for some expert insight. I see that Larry Robinson is a good signed, according to the database, and i have a nice jersey of his. TIA

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    What i can say is, if you want to mail it and risk it not getting returned that is up to you. Pretty much the golden rule when sending TTM is don't send anything you don't want to risk not getting back or that is valuable.

    That is why most people just send little index cards, cards or 8x10 photos.

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    I agree with the guys above, but if you really want it signed write him a letter asking if he wouldn't mind signing the jersey.

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    I would try players with foundations. Usually with a small donation or fee, they may sign the jersey. I've only had one jersey signed through mail, Vince Carter, only because I verified beforehand with the secretary that it was ok.

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