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    Quote Originally Posted by NBSII View Post
    I can do it sometime Sunday as I am away from home and have limited internet availibility for the next couple days. Let me know, I do have an accont as I have redeemed some previously.


    Appreciate the help but they expired yesterday. I sold them for 50 cents a piece just to dump them.

    Thanks though

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    MichiganDan, Trade has been posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perlinger View Post
    MichiganDan, Trade has been posted.
    confirmed, i get it out asap.

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    Since we are not doing 40 or 50 pages any more renamed and will set groups
    Collecting Ben Roethlisberger and Charlie Batch
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    Is it too late to join the February group trade? I was hoping to trade for Colts cards...

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    Let the colts guy in lol

    I'll gladly send him some colts

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCoop70 View Post
    Let the colts guy in lol

    I'll gladly send him some colts
    Thanks, lol! I'd been waiting about a month for a chance to get in this. I was waiting last night for a February thread and then boom! today it's up with all the trade groups already. I was going to be depressed to have to wait another month!

    It's your guys' good fortune anyways. I plan on thinning out the collection quite a bit, so I should be able to come up with some good team sets for you guys.

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    Its days like today the couch becomes one of your best friends. 4 games on tap here today for my viewing pleasure.
    Trading for Steelers,Penguins,Pirates and ex Michigan players
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