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    Possibly The Best Box Breaks I have Ever Had--LUCK, RG3!!!

    Well, I dont know if I can think of a time I have topped this trip to the card shop....I have had some dandy pulls before including a Jordan AUTO, various superfractors, NHL Shield, Ichiro AUTO and 500 HR Quad GU out of the same box.........

    But, today, I had a bunch of store credit and ended up paying a combined $88 out of pocket for both of these boxes.......

    I will let the scans speak for themselves....

    On top of that, out of strata, I also got a Robert Griffin 2-color Patch and a Robert Turbin AUTO. Not really much else worth mentioning out of the other box besides the Luck. Not sure what I am going to do with them, as I just bought a couple Luck and RG3 AUTOs off of members here since I had not been able to pull any....


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    nice cant hit luck at all! Im on a RGIII dry spell! You did really well! Im up to little over 6 boxes of strata and I pulled some nice patches but DAMN that RGIII is sick!
    Go Gators and Bears!
    I only collect Justin Blackmon and I guess I am getting in the SUPER collector range of Alshon Jeffery! Over 40 autos and rising!

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    Thank you, they are both going to be one and done products for me...

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    great looking cards! Congrats!


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    Nice pulls! I have been on a horrible dry spell.. Hopefully something epic is around the corner..

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    Very nice RG3 with that patch, and the Luck is nice too. Great pulls

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    some guys have all the luck....
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassman1282 View Post
    some guys have all the luck....

    Trust me, this statement does not usually hold true with my box breaking/picking abilities....

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    Congrats on some seriously sweet hits!!!
    Life is too short to worry. Bust some packs and just smile!

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