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    2011 Sweet Spot Steven Jackson Gold Auto 1/3!!

    I was just trying to see what people had in mind i could get for this card its a 2011 sweet spot Steven Jackson gold auto 1/3!! ill post a photo also. i would love some help. Thanks!
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    i'm a hardcore rams fan and i have a bunch of steven jackson stuff and he's just one of those guys that doesn't get much hobby love at all. i have a dual patch from gridiron gear/5 i think and no one wants it whatsoever. your card is probably worth in the $50 range since it's not a rookie and it doesn't have an NFL jersey. very nice card regardless.

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    yea i kinda had the same feeling from EBAY lol real good player but no love haha. i got one pack for $17.99 from dave and adams and pulled that! i was happy about it but i was not to sure what i could really get for it i was thinking beckett price may be about $150 maybe. what would you guess on that?


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    probably no beckett value due to rarity

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    well theres not one. im just thinking of a guess. what would you think if you had to make the beckett price yourself?

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