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    Superlative Case, Prime, History and MORE Mix Hockey Group Break #351

    Sport: Hockey

    In The Game Superlative VIII 2-Box Case
    2011-2012 Panini Prime
    In The Game History of Hockey

    2012-2013 Panini Classic Signatures
    2011-2012 Panini Elite
    2012-2013 Panini Certified
    2011-2012 Panini Contenders
    2011-2012 Panini Rookie Anthology
    2011-2012 Panini Pinnacle

    Spots: 28

    Cost: $75 USD (THREE Spot Package = $210)

    1. StockExchange
    2. Mnum
    3. Mnum
    4. Mnum
    5. vonkale (SCF)
    6. rh710 (SCF)
    7. HockeyNut68
    8. HockeyNut68
    9. KBlue2
    10. Aquaman
    11. Aquaman
    12. Aquaman
    13. Aquaman
    14. Aquaman
    15. Aquaman
    16. wyessoc
    17. Vux
    18. Vux
    19. caucci13
    20. LCJH
    21. simonelli22
    22. STLSportsCards
    23. Simonelli22
    24. AskthePredsFan
    25. AskthePredsFan
    26. AskthePredsFan
    27. MNum
    28. MNum

    *ALL Spots purchased through unless other-wise noted

    Here at STL Sports Cards we accept Paypal and Google Checkout. You can either purchase spots in the Group Break section of our STORE, or send direct Paypal to If you choose to send direct payment please put your username and STL#351 in the notes section.

    If you would like a spot you can let us know by posting in this thread or by sending payment. Please Note: Your spot will be pending until payment is received. If all spots are filled, paying customers have priority over pending customers, so make sure to pick up your spots early!

    As part of our guarantee here at STL Sports Cards, if you do not receive a card in the break we will send you one of our own! NOBODY goes home empty. That is a PROMISE!

    This will be a Team-Draft Style break, with draft order determined by random draw.

    Break is scheduled for January 7th at 6 pm EST and will be broadcast live on our BlogTV Channel and recorded in HD for Youtube!
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    I will play. Sending pp for one spot in a moment.
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    I would like to get in on this but I am fairly new to this stuff. What do you mean by team draft? Will we get to pick a team or is it randomly assigned?

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    Hey RH,

    What we do is random the list of people in the break, then you pick your team in that order. If you can not watch live you can have us pick "Best Available" or submit an order that we will use.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!


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    I purchased a spot through your website. So do I just show up at blog tv and chat my team when it is my turn to draft? Thank!

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    please bump this thread up like 15 minutes before you start. Not quite sure about the time zones :-)

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    BTW. What do we do with the International team cards from superlative? The players like Kharlamov and so on...

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