View Poll Results: Are the Clippers a threat to win the NBA Championship this year?

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    Question Are the Clippers a threat to win the NBA Championship this year?

    Are the Clippers a threat to win the NBA Championship this year?
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    From what I saw in the last two games, I am beginning to question how good they really are. I am not saying they aren't good, but they are beatable...

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    The 95-96 Chicago Bulls were also beatable...they lost ten games in the regular season...and they were pushed to 6 games in the finals, I, are they beatable, yes. Are they a threat to win the title? Yes. Virtually any team that can pull off a double-digit winning streak is a contender in my book.

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    Yes but it's hard to gauge how dangerous they can be. Honestly no win streak impresses me anymore. Parity is shot in the NBA. That's why you've seen record streaks (wins and losses) these past two years. Most teams are helplessly stuck in the middle then you have very stacked and very young teams. I've said before, most of the stars are in two cities!
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    I hate to admit it, but I think they do have a shot at the Title. The main reason being the depth on their bench. Alot of talent form their #6 thru #10 guys.

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    The way they are playing, of course they are going to have a great chance of winning the championship. They have played good against everrbody so it's not like they r only winning agains the bad teams only.

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    The only question is their half court offense. Regular season has little meaning to championships. Spurs have been dominant for the pass 4 regular seasons (with not 1 mvp mention btw lol). When things tighten up and slow down, it's a different game. There will be little alley-ooping, fast breaks, less space on 3 ptrs and a lot more grind it out, hard fouls and execution. Are they ready for that?
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    hahahahahahahahahahah, love the media, a team that hasnt done crap, no pedigree, nothing but dunks is a contender.. get your dust pans ready clappers fans.

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    Maybe West Finals but dont even see them making the NBA Finals, OKC has the better superstar talent and Spurs are a better team. And dont count out the Grizzlies with their hardnosed grind it out defense. Even if they manage to reach the NBA Finals there's no way they will beat the Heat unless LeBron gets injured.
    Their offense might be spectacular, but i just dont feel they can play Championship level defense.

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    At this point I think they are the 5th best team in the west.

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