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    What's by your computer,after New Year's edition.

    I'll start this off,put it this way I haven't had this much clutter in awhile.

    2012 Topps chrome almost complete 2nd set of football.

    certified football christmas present box.

    4 2012 Topps value boxes baseball.

    complete retail 1-100 abs mem football set.

    a bunch of racing card auto and memorabilia cards I was trying to sell.

    samuel adams beer bottles,almost full ashtray,and some cd's I got for christmas.

    Tomorrow I seriously have to clean this mess,what's your computer top look like,take care Steve.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Mailers filled with rookie lots I'm trying to pedal on eBay
    Masking Tape
    Can of Monster
    Pile of CDs I need to rip

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    I use a laptop, so it's always moving...right now, it's on a table with only it's charger, a bottle of juice, and a bag of chex mix next to it. Don't even ask what is on the desk with the desktop computer on it...I think the computer is still on it someplace... :)

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    A bottle of Sweet Tea, Nascar and Wrestling magazines, Headphones, mail, and a stack of cds...Ed

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