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Thread: 3 Prizm Retail Packs. Green!

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    3 Prizm Retail Packs. Green!

    Card worth mentioning!!
    Stephen Curry
    Green Prizim.

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    do you happen to know the odds of getting the green? There not #d correct? Nice hit thou.

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    No I don't know the odds. But it seems like green parallel is the "hit" of retail.

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    In Retail, the only "Refractor" you can pull is the Green Parallel. The odds are pretty hard to get one, but once you do, they make a very nice profit or if you are lucky, a nice PC pull. The Curry is nice btw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filthy View Post
    Theres 2 or 3 in every single box.
    Thank You I knew there was a reason they werent #d the odds to get one are pretty good than its just who you get is the main factor. Like the gold you get in the Hobby is /10 I couldnt understand why they didnt # these but I understand now if there are 3 in a box.

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    Nice hit. I opened 10 retail packs tonight and hit 2 greens. Seems like there are 2, maybe 3 per retail box.

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