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    Shipping with Delievery Confirmation within Canada prices?

    Been doing some shipping and figured out the prices but i just made a deal and was thinking it might be smart to send with Delivery Confirmation, it's just a single card in a 000 bubble mailer so would usually only cost the $1.29... will i have to send it completely different or can i just add the DC on like you can do in the states for a bit of extra money?

    Any help is always appreciated :)

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    You'll need another American to confirm for you, but my understanding is "NO". Delivery Confirmation doesn't work. The tracking stops once the package crosses into Canada, and there will be no confirmation of delivery.

    If you want a tracking number / signature to cross the border... I think I've read in the past that it will cost you around $15 to do it..... which is a bargin compared to the rates here, becuase I can't ship to the USA and require a signature on delivery for less than $25.
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    I now for us it cost between $16 -$18 for tracking # that will confirm delivery

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    Unless you want to pay $20+ for Priority Mail international, there's really no way to track. You could use DC to at least prove the card was mailed, but it doesn't tell you when it's delivered which makes it useless.

    I would only recommend it on a seriously big-ticket item. I've had hundreds of packages mailed up here using normal first-class rates, including some really high-end stuff, and I've yet to have a bad experience.

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