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    New to SCF, but not new to graphics! High quality banners, cover photos, etc.

    I've been making these for a long time, trying new ideas, perfecting old concepts, you name it.

    Here's a collection of some of my recent work:

    Justin Verlander facebook cover photo

    Mike Trout signature

    Chris Sale cover photo:

    My personal favorite of all time, Buster Posey signature:

    PM me! I am willing to listen to offers.

    edit: i will be editing this repeatedly because i can't get the other links to work. disregard if they work
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    How did I not see that coming...the community isn't interested in a guy with 3 posts.

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    Sure! I'd love to try out whatever you have in mind. First one's free, by the way.

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    Hey! Could I get one with Taylor Hall, Drew Doughty, and Bob Clarke?

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    I would love one with a bunch of Boise State guys in their Boise uniforms...

    I am thinking Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, Titus Young, Ryan Clady, and maybe Ian Johnson if you could squeeze them in!

    I don't mind a guy with a few posts...

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    I assume you both want them to be signature-sized, like my Posey and Trout ones? About 400x100ish?

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