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    Are SP variations part of a set in Set Building?

    I just got back into football cards about a year or so ago. Back in the old days, I was quite the set builder. I would love to build sets of Chrome today, but with the variations, do I have a complete set without them?

    A set like 2009 Magic is understandable. There are SPs, but they are not variations, they are simply short printed. In order to have a complete set of those I certainly feel those would be needed. Anyway what are your opinions.


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    Some people have to have them, some people don't. Its more of a personal choice. If I REALLY liked the set, I would chase the variations for fun, if it wasn't insanely expensive. Its not needed for a complete set.

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    As a Chrome set builder, I do not require having both rookie card variations to consider my set complete. I would be happy with either one in my set, since they are the same player and number, though if I pulled the variation I would probably keep it separate from the set in a top loader and buy the more common version for my binder.

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