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    Please delete

    Dead thread.

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    The Orange CHrome Rose is a $400 card minimum. I can't afford it right now, but looks like someone will get a steal. Enjoy the free bump

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    FuriousD82 - Thanks! I agree, it's priced to MOVE!


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    berlincards - So now one sell is the "real" sale value? Since when? Why pull the lowest sale for the card listed on eBay by the way? I've seen the card sell between the price you listed and $391.00. Here is one for $315.00...

    Bring facts or please refrain from posting in any of my threads. There is no "real" sale value.


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    Ha ha, i know you want sell the card and itīs a great one, but not your price!
    You look only for the best possible sale, but that is not the real marked value.
    You want facts, no problem!

    On these time was only 3 cardīs "2008-09 Topps Chrome Refractors Orange #181 Derrick Rose/499" sold on ebay with 9.5

    for = $315

    for = $224,72

    for = $175,77

    So when we all 3 cardīs take got we a current marked value (sv) from $238,50 !!!

    These are facts my friend!
    I am sorry and want not make your card or your person bad, but it is not a steal what your frined posted here!

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    So now the average of listed sales are the "real" sale value? I just sold a card to a member here for $40.00 that sales between $21-$36 on eBay. That was his offer. I didn't even have a price listed on it. How's that work in your "real" sale value?

    Honestly, If you would have listed all 3 of those prices in the original post, I wouldn't have argued your point. You pulled the lowest, so I pulled the highest. See how that works? Thanks mucking up the thread. I'll be sure to return the favor one day.


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    I am interested as well but I am down at the recent sale price... Lmk if interested. Bryce

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    People love to justify their low balls. What do those three prices have in common? All of those sales occurred while D Rose is out. Once he comes back to the NBA, that card is back up to the $400 range.

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