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    Looking for These Bloodlines Flag Parallels

    lookin for all on this list *=incoming. Would like to get more than 1 at a time to make it worth shipping. LMK what you got.

    2*,8,12,25,27,31,34,36,44,45,55,56,58,61,68,74,76, 78,85,93*,94,99,106,110,120,123*,127,134*,139*,141 ,142,143,146,148*,149

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    not putting together the set myself, so I'm sure I have a handful of those. You looking to buy or trade? I collect 1 auto of each fighter, so there are always autos I'm looking for if you have a tradelist

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    prefer to trade. let me know how many you have. i would trade an auto for some. lmk what you are interested in

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    you still looking to make this set? I have 8, 27, 55, 61, 78, 99, 110, 120, 141, 143. Lmk, thanks

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    yeah im still working on it. you looking to trade or sell?

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    Looking to sell or trade for any of these 1st autos:
    Might also trade for any TUF autos, if you have any

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    i dont have any of the first autos on the list. you cleaned me out of what i had. I have 1 TUF auto but its not enought to cover those. LMK what you wand for them. if you have more flag parallels available LMK how many total and a price on all of them as well. thanks

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