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    Sorry KC Fans...Chiefs and Andy Reid Agree To Deal

    All Andy Reid needs to win is an All-Pro QB. I hope Cheifs fans don't plan on much winning going on...

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    They said the head coach wouldnt be going to pioli with major decissions. They need to replace him, but at least they took some of his decission making away from him. Reid has always been heavy in the draft process. They got him for a reason. Let him build the offense the way he sees fit instead of leaving it to pioli. At least in theory it should work better. Reid wont make worse choices than pioli did. 2013 draft and this offseason will show chiefs fans what they have in a head coach. Im interested to see what they do in the draft. They will need a qb and wr really bad.

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    The problem with the 2013 draft is simple, the QB class is atrocious compared to many other years. It rivals 2006 for worst class in recent memory. Geno Smith has great upside and physical ability, but a franchise QB? Not 100% sold. Barkley had a poor year, 15 interceptions in a college season? Where they play less games? And the secondaries are worse? If he plays like that in the pro's his quantity of picks will be astronomical. I imagine he will be a consistent-ish pro though, a solid choice who you know what to expect from. Maybe the Chiefs would be better to trade down a few spots and take Barkley, without the level of risk Smith provides, and then will have extra draft picks/players for the future from the trade.

    Besides those two, Tyler Wilson and Mike Glennon are possible first rounders, but doubtful to go into KC.

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    Andy definitely lost the team in Philly this year, but the entire team was a disaster. The defensive scheme made everyone look bad. In Kansas City, they have a top 10 RB in Charles, Bowe is pretty good and Baldwin should get better, Moeaki is a decent TE, and McCluster is a dual threat. They are a better than average QB away from turning the team around. Do they draft a QB, maybe, but I would work out a trade with the Patriots for a lower round pick or picks and try to get Ryan Mallett.

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    or kirk cousins if we can get him off the redskins
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