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Thread: Need advice: UD replacement

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    Need advice: UD replacement

    Hi everyone,

    I opened a couple of boxes of SP Game used 11-12 and pulled a rookie face off supreme patch #/12 of Taylor Hall. After closer inspection it turned out that the left side of the card has seal marks:

    So I contacted customer service of Upper Deck and they have e-mailed me a case number so I can get the card replaced.

    Any advice on what to ask in return?


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    Might as well try to get a straight replacement if possible. If they don't have any replacement stock on that particular card, I'd see if you can get a similar low #'d patch of Hall or another top young player.
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    It's not entirely clear but is the card #4/12 (his jersey number)? If so, that increases its value and along with the great patch, you might consider keeping the card since you might find a buyer in spite of the roller marks. If you don't want the card and it is his jersey number, mention that to UD when trying to figure out a fair replacement.

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    yeah thats a Jersey #'d card.. also its a 4 Clr patch... Tough Gamble... but see what UD can do for you..

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    personally I'd keep it. Even if the selling value is diminished a little, its still a KILLER card for a collection
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    AFAIK - UD does not have the same kind of policy that Panini does where they will re-stamp an identical replacement of your card.

    Given the history of replacement threads on these forums, your odds of getting anything even in the same ballpark as something that awesome are incredibly low. If it were mine, I probably wouldn't bother trying to replace it unless I could get some kind of guarantee out of UD up front, before ever shipping them the card.

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    based on that subset. the replacement would have to have that individual patch on it as its depicted on both sides of te card. that said i think the first commentor said that they prolly wont have stock on the patch anymore and thats why its #/12
    youll get a replacement card of equal value. (hey man the question you gotta ask is if the damaged card you have is worth a fair replacement card from upperdeck , my answer is almost always yes ) do it man. complain and complain and complain on the phone with someone and youll be rewarded. tough break

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the input. I have decided to send it in to Upper Deck. Will see what they will send in return.


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    Thanks for your comments.

    Today I received the replacements. A future watch auto of Taylor Hall and a rookie face-off patch of Grabner. I am surprised that they have those and did not put all the cards in the boxes.


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