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    Pack 8

    Last pack of blaster 2

    A.J. Jenkins RC 49ers
    Jerel Worthy RC Packers
    Lavonte David Xfractor RC Bucs
    Tim Hightower Redskins

    Last blaster will happen when i come back from the store down the street in 15 min need a energy drink.

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    I could use the Harvin base card if you want to do some kind of PWE trade.

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    Ill PM everyone who inquired about cards on this break just want to finish the last blaster

    Well here we go!!!

    Blaster 3

    Pack 1

    Fletcher Cox RC Eagles
    Mike Wallace Xfractor Steelers
    Rueben Randal Pink Refractor RC /399 Giants
    Willis McHahee Broncos

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    Pack 2

    Kendall Reyes RC Chargers
    Mohamed Sanu RC Retro Card Bengals
    Arian Foster Texans
    Tony Romo Cowboys

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    Pack 3

    Robert Turbin RC Seahawks
    Janoris Jenkins RC Rams
    Juron Criner Refractor RC Raiders
    Cam Newton Panthers

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    Awesome to hit the gold Foles,hoping you hit an auto in your last 6 packs.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Pack 4

    Robert Griffin RC Redskins
    Andre Branch RC Jags
    Coby Fleener Xfractor RC Colts
    Ty Hilton Auto Rookie Colts

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