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    3 blasters of 2012 topps chrome


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    Found 2 in Toys R us and seen one more in another, felt i had t buy them after working doubles all week.

    Well first Blaster
    Pack 1
    Riley Reiff RC Lions
    Keshawn Martin RC Texans
    Frank Gore Refractor 49ers
    Steven Jackson Rams

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    Pack 2
    Ryan Tannehill RC Dolphins
    Charles Woodson Xfractor Packers
    Mario Williams Black Refractor /299 Bills
    Jimmy Graham Saints

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    Pack 3
    Nick Toon RC Saints
    Bernard Pierce Retro looking card Ravens
    Greg Jennings Packers
    Dez Bryant Cowboys

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    Pack 4

    Nick Foles RC Eagles
    Melvin Ingram RC Chargers
    Luke Kuechly Refractor RC Panthers
    Brandon Marshall Bears

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    Pack 5

    Bruce Irvin RC Seahawks
    Eric LeGarand RD Bucs
    Brandon Thompson Xfractor RC Bengals
    Ryan FitzPatrick Bills

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    Pack 6

    Justin Blackman RC Jags
    Brandon Weeden Mini RC Browns
    Julio Jones Falcons
    Wes Welker Patriots

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    Pack 7

    Chandler Harnish RC Colts
    Sam Bradford Refractor Rams
    Alshon Heffery Red Zone Rookies Refractor Bears
    Hakeem Nicks Giants

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    Last Pack of first Blaster

    Pack 8
    Derek Wolfe RC Broncos
    Miles Austin Xfractor Cowboys
    Cam Newton Purple Refractor Panthers /499
    Tim Tebow Jets

    Not a Bad start to a blaster

    Doing another one in like 10 min. Stay Nick Tooned!!!

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    Not a bad first blaster. Congrats and good luck on the next 2

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