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Thread: Is this Lebron jersey legit?

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    Is this Lebron jersey legit?

    So I just purchased this signed Lebron James 2007 Team USA jersey from a guy online for pretty cheap. Already for the price I was thinking something isn't right. I ask the guy if he had the certificate of authenticity but he didn't . However the jersey has the numbered UDA sticker on it,which is registered on the upper deck website. After seeing that I was feeling much better and decided to purchase it. In picture #2, the hologram beside the numbered UDA is a Steiner hologram.

    So my questions are.. 1) Why would there be a UDA and a steiner hologram? What do you think? Is this jersey and signature real? . 2) does it matter it didn't come with the certificate? Thanks for any help.
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    I think steiner has 2 different holograms, 1 is the standard hologram with their coa, the other i think is a steiner authenticated memorabilia, they only put those on stuff that is from reputable dealers like upper deck. to me i would really want the coa but it at least has the hologram with the number from upper deck, you can look it up and they have a pic of this exact jersey on their website.
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    So with those pictures, what do you think? Real or fake?

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