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Thread: Minnesota Memorabilia

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    Minnesota Memorabilia

    I grew up in Minnesota through the glory years of bad baseball, those hapless late 90s Twins teams. Then the 2002 squad came around and really sparked my interest in baseball and I've been collecting ever since. I'll post a picture here each day from my Minnesota memorabilia collection which features hundreds of signed items from all my favorite Twins, Vikings, and Wolves.

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    Jared Allen stopped by my work a couple years ago to pick up some hunting gear. Signed a handful of items for my including this 16x20 of his sack celebration.

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    Very nice. It seems like I always like auto's a little more when signed in silver or gold when appropriate. Thanks for sharing.


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    1/7 Twins Legends ball
    Tony Oliva refused to sweet spot for me one day, so I decided to get the ball signed by all the living Twins with their #s retired. Added Blyleven at a Pro Shop signing, Killebrew at a public signing, Hrbek in his restaurant, Carew at the autograph party.

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    Kevin Love basketball
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    Those are some awesome Rubio and Love autographed items! I'm going to send you a PM in a few...
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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