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Thread: Let's talk about HELL...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrewsbury View Post
    my opinion is what we think of as hell is man made, but there is a place besides Heaven you can go when your body dies and your soul is judged. there is no doubt, Jesus even spoke of it himself.
    Hell that is filled with demons and torture is as man made as the devil with his pitchfork.

    Alex, I am still waiting for a logical discussion on the basis of human evolutuion
    wickabee, point taken
    Herein lies the big problem in the bolded big font.

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    Crap, here we go again.

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    Not god, not the son of god, cultist, common criminal
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    At least one of those is correct. I'm not sold on the rest.

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    what were His criminal actions?

    and why would it matter if he was God or the son of God, He still would be the expert on hell as it relates to His God. His opinions have shaped the NT and beyond, any idea of hell would have derived from what He said.

    but I will admit I like the fact you at least think He existed, it surprises me when people claim He never lived.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    Hell comes from Revelations and the vision of the wicked being thrown in. What it fails to realize is that it says they are destroyed, not tortured. A loving God wouldn't make them suffer, just destroyed and done with.

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    Hopefully this thread can stay on track.

    The simple fact is that Hell is the perfect threat to keep the religious in line.

    BTW....isn't it VERY WEIRD how the entire OT never talks about this "hell" but once christians come along and make their own books, suddenly everything changes and now we have a place of torment.

    The funny thing is that one would THINK that bad people go to hell for their "wicked" acts.

    But NOOOO......that's not the way it works, EVERYONE goes to hell!

    This is a direct contradiction to the proposal that "God is Love".

    A loving god wouldn't send ANYONE to hell....PERIOD!

    To say that he gives us a chance and that we "reject" that chance is utterly ridiculous.

    He is pointing a gun to our heads and then telling us that we have "free will".

    No, we don't have free's either accept me and get in line, or suffer the consequences....that's not free will.

    I can accept a god if evidence is presented, but the Christian/Jewish/Muslim God is 100% false.
    Science doesn't know everything.....Religion doesn't know anything.

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    alex, I think you still are failing to realize that when Jesus came everything did change. The OT was about God's relationship with His chosen people, Jesus made everyone the chosen. different people, different rules.

    Hell could simply be the absence of God.

    wickabee, what we deem as suffering or loving comes from our experience as men, God is God and His views are not the same as ours. The simple fact Jesus mentions the kingdom of Satan has to make you wonder
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    Hell comes from a deranged John of Patmos that lived in a cave.

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