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    hmm, ok, dont think i have quite enough football to fill that size box.
    good luck finding stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcool022 View Post
    ive bought some boxes on ebay anywhere from like 800-5000.. really doesnt matter just large lots for cheap
    I sent you a PM about what I pulled w/ a price for ya.

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    PM me if you are interested in a trade!!

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    shoot me a pm with what your looking to pay. ive got quite a bit id like to move

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    still havent quite found what im looking for if anyone has anything please PM me

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    I have a bunch of base from this year got topps topps chrome absolute crown royale also have tons from previous years also pmif interested thanks

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    i have a 4 row box full of base, I would send it for free if you pay the shipping. PM me. All the base is 2011. I would have 2012 but I leave all the base at my LCS. I bust usually 2-3 boxes a week of random stuff. Always Football.
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    I have base(mostly '05-present).
    PM me.

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    still looking to make a deal or 2

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    I could get a few thousand base/commons 2010 thru current mainly Topps Brands. LMK

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    may be interested in doing this again.. have done it a few times before and have been pretty pleased
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    looking for a vertical auto of Matt Ryan, David Johnson, and David Wright

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