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Thread: 1 rivals + 1 Black diamond

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    1 rivals + 1 Black diamond

    The Forever rivals was great, with the best card being a Johnny Bower stick rack! But the bd... do I have a case here against UD?

    2 jerseycards (crap)
    1 ruby exclusive /100 (bobby ryan)
    1 Gemography auto (john Moore)

    14 doubles (whereof 4 of them rookies)

    ZERO triples

    ZERO ordinary quad

    ZERO quad rookie

    ?? I haven't bought a box in many months, and saved up for these for christmas, they were delayed and got them now. My hard earned money I could barely afford and I feel completely ripped off.Should I accept this? Oh, btw, one pack had no white thick paper, and one pack had two white thick papers pushed into it. If that is any clue...

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    i think that you definitely have a case against UD...

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    I think you might want to look at the cards again. Rookies are only on 3 and 4 diamond cards. Triple diamonds are 150-200 and Quads are 201-250.

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    No you don't, there are no 2 diamond rookies. You got 4x 3-4 diamond cards there.

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    THANK YOU for that tip! I threw myself at the cards again. I'm so sorry, me very very stupid lol. You know when you stack cards and then look at them and you tend to look at the left side only, and not the whole card? I got it all it seems, triples and quads. And the normal quad is Lemieux so who am I to complain : ) The rookie quad is... Reilly Smith, no idea who that is. Photos later today.

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    Can you tell me what are you 2 "crap" jsys from Rivals? With the color of the swatch?

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    if th enormal lemieux quad is avalaible cmb :)
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    Yes more info about the Rivals please!
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