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    Darren Sproles available for Paypal

    List is below please let me know if you have any interest. Please feel free to make offers. Thanks

    UD exclusive 3/10
    Turkey red red border auto/199
    Leafs Rookies and stars Longevity auto/50
    Contenders playoff ticket/25
    Reflections rookie blue/99
    Rookie reflections gold /50
    Reflections rookie green/75
    Topps chrome refractor
    Topps chrome xfractor (in case)/499
    Absolute memorabilia spectrum auto/100
    Exquisite auto/150
    Contenders auto (x3)
    Leaf Rookies and star longevity gold /99
    Leaf Rookies and star longevity red /199
    Reflections signature auto
    Topps turkey black border auto/50
    Topps finest green xfratctor auto/50
    Reflections gold auto/89
    LCM white auto/100
    Topps finest blue xfractor auto/150
    Bowmans best auto red /199
    Sweet spot helmet auto/650
    Foundations auto
    Topps finest autographs xfractor auto/199
    Topps turkey white border auto/99
    Reflections dual auto Anthony Davis/Sproles auto /70
    Foundations auto/699
    Topps finest white xfractor auto/250
    Leaf Rookie and starts auto/150
    Topps finest blue auto/299
    Bowmans best blue auto/299
    Bowmans best gold auto/99
    Ultimate auto/225
    Bowmans best auto/999
    LCM red auto/50
    Topps finest green auto/199
    Topps finest auto
    Topps finest auto refractor
    Donruss classics auto/499
    Topps turkey auto
    Topps finest black xfractor auto/25
    Topps finest gold auto/49
    Reflections auto/100
    LCM Blue auto/30
    SPA Auto/850 (x2)
    Topps finest auto refractor
    Ud Foundations triple auto Sproles/Moats/M.Barber /75
    Leaf rookies and stars longevity green /50
    Darren Sproles
    Nice Chiefs Autos/Patches/#ed etc.
    Nice Cardinals Autos/Patches/#ed etc.

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    How much for an SPA?
    Super Collecting Greg Salas, Mike Davis. Collecting Ricky Williams, Roy Williams WR, Mike Alstott, Jordan Shipley, Vince Young (UT) (GU, patches, & autos only), 1999-2009 Elite UT Longhorns base, S/N and autos, Chicago Bears, and UT Longhorns.
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    PM Coming
    Darren Sproles
    Nice Chiefs Autos/Patches/#ed etc.
    Nice Cardinals Autos/Patches/#ed etc.

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