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Thread: Chicago Hobby shops?

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    Chicago Hobby shops?

    I'm heading to Chicago for a few days and was wondering if anyone can recommend any good hobby shops?

    (i posted in the wrong section earlier)

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    I haven't been able to find a good hockey hobby shop around here. Tim's Sports Cards is a well known one, but honestly, I thought the guy was a complete jerk when I went in there.

    More importantly, don't forget to get some pizza!! (I recommend Lou Malnati's)
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    what part of the city or suburbs you going to be in?
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    I'm going to be staying near Lincoln park.

    if you guy's have recommendations for places to eat too i'm all ears.

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    Last I remember there are no cards shops in that area. I live in the far western suburbs and there are a couple of good shops my me.

    You have to eat at Gino's East Pizza, Best pan pizza in Chicago.
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    no worthwhile hockey shops in any part of the city,js
    try the lincoln park zoo, it free, good food court too
    the original Potbelly's location is on lincoln, near webster
    Bacino's pizza is there too
    if you like french, try Mon Ami Gabi
    best irish pub, Galway Arms
    in the mood for something more asian, try Kabuki or Satay
    have money to burn? try the best rated restaurant in the USA, Alinea
    miss those hawaiian plate lunch's? there is a place called Aloha Eats
    sick of deep dish? want good 'regular' pizza, Armitage Pizzeria or Luigi's
    good sushi at a good price, Green Tea, near the zoo
    Lincoln Park is a good neighborhood, so there are lots of good food options

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    thanks for the recommendations i will definitely check some of those places out.

    one of my friends recommended a place called Jerry's sandwiches? has anyone heard of it?

    any places you guys recommend where i can wine and dine my female companion?

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    jerrys is a chain or franchise with overpriced sandwiches, not the best either, not sure if they are in lincoln park, potbelly's is better, far better if you ask me
    wine and dine? some babes like the asian stuff, sushi, etc
    if price is no object, Alinea is the top rated place in the country, celebs galore on any given night, pro sports figures, etc.... or try one of the fine steak houses, not so much in lincoln park, more of a downtown thing, plenty to pick from, haray caray's if you are a cubs fan lol
    my best pick would be David Burke's Primehouse, the locals call it, Primehouse, the best steak you will ever have! Chicago Cut Steakhouse always has pro sports players eating there, if your lady prefers her seafood then Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab, yeah its a long name but it is owned by the famous Joe's Stone Crab in miami, they fly in fresh stone crab a few times a week, yum!
    also, i have found that lady's who like their meat a little red, or rare, then Lawry's Prime Rib will fit the bill nicely, if the name sounds familiar, that is because Lawry's seasoned salt is available in most grocery stores around the world, yeah, that started in chicago, they are still in their original location, they serve the prime rib, table side, cut to order... if you go, order the 'spinning salad bowl', big enough to feed 2, and they perform a little show table side as well, it is called 'spinning' for a reason, the ladies love it for some reason, js
    you cannot get that Lawry's experience anyplace else, except in there las vegas location, lol

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