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    2012 / 13 Crown Royal, RGIII and redemptions, oh my redemptions!!!!

    Stopped by the two locals today to try my luck on 2012-13 Crown Royale in search of the Rookie Silhouettes.

    First, based on my breakage and what I saw broke, if you do not like / hate redemptions then you need to avoid this product. I even hit two redemptions on one box.

    First Filler auto:

    Jonathan Martin
    Harrison Smith
    Chris Pol
    Devon Still
    Danny Coael
    Marvin Jones
    Cyrus Gray

    Filler auto to 99

    Bryce Brown --REDEMPTION
    Devon Wylie

    Filler to 49
    Tauren Poole

    Filler to25
    Bill Bentley
    Dontari Poe - REDEMPTION

    Filler Jersey
    Reuben Randle
    Brock Osweiler
    Ryan Broyles

    Hits from store number 1

    Auto # 5/5

    Fletcher Cox

    Patch from store number one:

    Nice Vet Silhouette from # 1 store

    And the ONLY live Silhouette from store number one. Very, very nice patch

    Of course the reason I am buying Crown this year is for the ROOKIE SILHOUETTES and this is what I mean by redemptions. These are from my breaks at both stores;

    to 349
    Bernard Pierce

    To 249
    Stephen Hill

    to 149
    Michael Floyd
    Coby Fleener

    to 49
    Trent Richardson!

    At least I got a nice redemption on the Richardson from store one.

    Then it was off to store number two to try my luck there. On Monday of this week I had stopped by store number two and hit this cards

    # 13/15

    So after pulling the card above I was not expecting much but we alway hope!

    Hits from pack one:

    Another nice vet

    Nice Rookie and the fourth product in a row that I hit a Weeden auto

    And a couple of patches from boxes with redemptions mentioned above

    At this point I paid and started out the door but stopped to talk with a couple of other collectors and the owner. They kidded me about the Bowman Sterling card. And while standing there talking I told the owner I would take one more box for the road.

    Well glad I stopped to talk

    Money card from the box!

    Yes, another RG III two in one week! Not bad, not bad at all


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewwen View Post
    Nice hits Ron, congrats!

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    great looking stuff!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewwen View Post
    Nice hits Ron, congrats!
    I saw your hit on your Griffin on the board as well. Amazing card for sure.

    Glad we both hit one!!!!

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    nice busting Ron!

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    Dude, I wouldn't go anywhere else to buy stuff until your streak is broke.

    Nice pulls
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    Trying to achieve super Collector Herman Moore Status
    I collect UVA (University of Virginia Cavaliers) Football Players!

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    Nice hits out of Crown, you are on a hot streak with RGIII's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oasis View Post
    nice busting Ron!

    Thanks, I was shocked to say the least!

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    Please check me for the Wille Brown if it is for trade! Thanks!

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