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    Lockout Talk - If Sides Agree on 2-per-Team Buyouts, Who Goes From Your Team?

    Though it's possibly being too optimistic to hope that there will be a season ready to go in the next week to ten days, one interesting note that comes from the past couple days' of negotiations is that teams may be afforded not one, but two, amnesty buyouts in order to become cap compliant for the 2013-14 season. Much of this may depend on what the final cap number will be set for next year, as it's been proposed by the NHL at $60M while the PA is angling for $65M.

    So with all that in mind, who would be the likely two candidates for a buyout on your favourite team?

    Scott Gomez - $7.357M cap hit expiring after 2013-14
    Tomas Kaberle - $4.25M cap hit expiring after 2013-14

    That's over $11.5M in savings for the Habs. Rene Bourque could also be a potential target for a buyout, as he carries a $3.33M hit for the next four years, expiring after 2015-16.
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    I will not claim to be 100% sure, so if I am wrong - someone please correct me.

    My understanding is that Tim Thomas walking away from the deal - like a retired player might - means that the Bruins do not pay him a cent. As long as he's refusing to honour the contract (whatever his reasons) they can suspend him, and not pay him.

    But, like a retired player, they are on the hook for 100% of his cap hit. That's 5 million they're handcuffed on, and can't spend on actual players.

    The solution seems simple to me: Trade him to Phoenix / Columbus / Florida / Dallas / whomever will give you the best return. Bruins get rid of the deadweight on their cap.... and the other team gets to save 5 million in real dollars against the salary cap floor this year.

    (**** Its not actually 5 million though. Cap hit, like salaries, will be pro-rated over a 48 game schedule ****)

    Quote Originally Posted by oilerscollector View Post
    Hey does someone out there know the 100% definite answer to that? I didn't think that Boston was paying Thomas. He did walk away from his contract?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oilerscollector View Post
    Hey does someone out there know the 100% definite answer to that? I didn't think that Boston was paying Thomas. He did walk away from his contract?
    Not 100%, as I am not a new CBA expert, but I just googled the issue, apparently because Thomas signed his contract after the age of 35, the Bruin's are on the hook no matter what. Their only way out is if he waives his no trade clause, which he has, which would help some low end teams meet the cap floor but there were no takers by July 31, when his contract takes effect, and than his no trade clause goes out the it sounds like the would be hero of Boston has screwed the Bruins...and himself if you ask me...he could have had the keys to the city, but not now...:/
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    Surprisingly, when it comes time for these things to take effect, it is my understanding that the only player the Leafs might consider it with is the last year on Mike Komisarek. I believe Tim Connolly will be out of his contract by then, which is why I didn't name him. Dion's making more than he should, but they'll never buy him out.
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