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    Lockout Talk - If Sides Agree on 2-per-Team Buyouts, Who Goes From Your Team?

    Though it's possibly being too optimistic to hope that there will be a season ready to go in the next week to ten days, one interesting note that comes from the past couple days' of negotiations is that teams may be afforded not one, but two, amnesty buyouts in order to become cap compliant for the 2013-14 season. Much of this may depend on what the final cap number will be set for next year, as it's been proposed by the NHL at $60M while the PA is angling for $65M.

    So with all that in mind, who would be the likely two candidates for a buyout on your favourite team?

    Scott Gomez - $7.357M cap hit expiring after 2013-14
    Tomas Kaberle - $4.25M cap hit expiring after 2013-14

    That's over $11.5M in savings for the Habs. Rene Bourque could also be a potential target for a buyout, as he carries a $3.33M hit for the next four years, expiring after 2015-16.
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    From my two teams

    Bye Bye Bryzgalov!!!! (At least I can hope anyway).

    And from Detroit I don't really think I would buy out anybody if I was Detroit.

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    and the second hard choice besides savard they are not to weak anyplace else

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    Detroit thought paying Samuelsson too much money was the answer. He is useless and lazy, buy him out immediately and give a hungry kid a shot.

    Ken Holland is an OK GM, but he has been effectively manipulated by Mark Stuart twice, and now Samuelsson twice. No more nonsense. Holland needs to smarten the hell up.

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    Keith Ballard - Took a bad contract as part of a trade. Chance to lose it and an underperforming (although I do like him style of play) defenseman.

    David Booth - $4.25million is suddenly looking like a LOT for him. He did basically nothing last season for $750,000 less than Kesler.

    Trade Luongo, don't buy him out he does still have value

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    Dipietro ($4.5m a year - contract ends next millenium)
    most likely will be Yashin ($2.2m a year - ends 2014-15)

    I'd hope they'd go with this
    Grabner ($3m a year on average - ends 2015-16)

    They played alot better without Grabner wasting a spot with his "defensive" prowess The kids are on the verge of coming up and playing with better players then Jay Pandolfo and Marty Reasoner but him being in the mix eats a spot up.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    There are better 50 year olds than Marty Reasoner. Taking the spot of a real player his whole career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    There are better 50 year olds than Marty Reasoner. Taking the spot of a real player his whole career.
    Reasoner is on his last year in 12-13. He did more then pandolfoast season which isn't saying much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by collectorthornton View Post
    crosby and malkin
    Haha in your wildest dreams.

    For the Pens it would be Paul Martin for sure!!!! Not worth a penny as far as I'm concerned.

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