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Thread: For trade old baseball photos

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    For trade old baseball photos

    The system won't let me upload the rest of the ones I have so will list and, if interested, please email me or PM me and I will try and send the photo and write up via email.
    Will trade for Cubs photos.

    Joe Moore 3x6 1/4 Photo New York Giants

    Steve Sundra postcard with a crease pictured as a Yankee

    Henry (Hank) Behrman 4x5 1/4 photo stamped May 1947 back with notation traded by Brooklyn to Pittsburgh Pirates ...

    Mark Christman photo 3 1/2 x5 pencil on back Mark Christman Washington Senators

    Tommy Griffith postcard with B on uniform

    Jack Warner pitched as catcher Jack Warner in pen on back.

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