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    New Mid to high end trade thread

    I haven't posted on the Trade thread for a while. Here are just some LCS pick ups and stuff I pulled from wax that are FT. I would much rather trade than sell but I am not trading down on anything $50 or over.

    The Kyrie is the Glossy version
    THe D-Wade is the HOF Contenders from this years Contenders and is 1 in 20 cases. THe BV is not out yet but I am seeing the trade value around $150.
    This is out of 8 if the scan isn't coming through

    I am keeping one of the Kobe autos. It doesn't matter to me which one I keep. The Prizm I will trade down but no cards less than $100.
    I collect Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce and Rajon ROndo. I will also consider trades for trade bait as well.

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    pls check me for the Kobe prizm auto.
    i can do trade+cash


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    Check me please for the lebron gold as well. Just added a nice Kobe dual GU and have a bunch of other stuff. Will trade in your favor.


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