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    Some NFTs that I'm making available Mid-highend rookies

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a couple pieces that are being made available to the good people of the forums.

    I have no real need to sell them but would like to shrink my collection a bit so I'm putting them out here for sale.

    Add $2 for Canadian shipping and $3 for the states. For the bigger items, you will pay exact shipping!

    Might also be looking at selling my Markstrom Cup Rainbow and a couple of my Stamkos pieces if the price is right.

    Without further ado,

    Khudobin Cup x2- 35

    Peverely Cup - SOLD

    Mcquaid Cup- 5

    Lucic Cup- SOLD

    Krejci Cup - SOLD

    Dubnyk Cup - SOLD

    Stamkos FWA Patch /100 - 500

    Stamkos Draft Board /25 - 1100

    Markstrom Cup Rainbow - only selling as a set! - PENDING
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    That Stamkos FW /100 is sick! Probably cant afford it, but I will take a price please.
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    pm me a price also on the stamkos fwap and draft boards :)

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    Pev cup and Dubnyk cup gone

    My bucket:

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    ill take a price on the two bruin arps . the krejci and the miller thriller i mean.

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