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    Dig deep in your rubbish bins for these...2000 Pacific Pro Bowl Die Cuts

    Ive got 3 of the 20 of them, if anyone has any 2000 pacific pro bowl die cuts, i wouldnt mind trading for them. I have Gannon, Johnson and Brunell, need the rest. Thanks
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    I have williams, dillon, couch, jones and mcnair. lmk if you have any cowboys or iowa hawkeyes game used for trade.

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    iced- who do you have and what would you need for them? thanks

    reni- i dont trade gu for inserts, especially not crappy inserts like the ones im after. if you are interested in other inserts or rookies, id like to work a deal

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    ok, do you have any nate kaeding, tim dwight, brad banks, robert gallery, matt roth, bob sanders, or sean cosidine cards for trade? I could also use some cowboys like roger staubach, troy aikman, emmitt smith and others. lmk

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