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    The cup artist proof...are they all 1 of 1??


    I've bought one of these artist proof... 4.m1439.l2649

    I ddnt look before in my PC because I was thinking they were 1 of 1...i've won the auction then i've checked for fun in my bucket and discovered that ive allready got 1 "artist proof" exactly the same....its really the same ....not the patchs or other color version

    Someone got any explications about this??

    thank you

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    if I'm not mistaken those are cut from the uncut sheet redemptions. Not sure how many sheets were "won" but I'd say more than 1 if you have multiples
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    Yeah I know they are from the uncut sheet! I was thinking they were only one uncut sheet by version of cards...

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    I think some sheets had as many as 5
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    I bought these two but the seller listed the comment below, so I am sure multiple people have these, so I would say no to the 1/1 thoughts. But for under $4 figured it was good way to at least have the images in my collection, even if unpatched and unsigned.

    These were issued as a full artist proof set by Upper Deck as a redemption.

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    They aren't 1/1s per say.... more like the only proof of that card. There are the parallels of it too if I'm not mistaken. They're cool though for the price!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 30ranfordfan View Post
    I think some sheets had as many as 5
    I pulled the signature patches 2007-08 uncut sheet (framed) and that one is numbered to 15

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    They are fun to have if you do not pay much for them. Like for instance I had rainbow in the Cup and to add these to it it make it more complete. But that is the only time I bought some. Value wise they will never have much value but for collector they are cool to have a few to show off.
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    From what I know, each set in The Cup has a redemption for an uncut sheet, and depending on the set, some are more limited than others. Ex: The base uncut sheet may have 10 available, while the uncut sheet for the shields has only 1. I own a 10-11 Signature patches uncut sheet and I've only seen, also UD stopped releasing any print runs, and stopped framing them for 10-11. (Maybe even 09-10 or 08-09 not sure about those).
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    As others have indicated, the sheets come in various numbers each year, depending upon the insert/base set contained in the sheet. Many people make a business out of acquiring the sheets and cutting them up to sell the "cards" individually for a profit. So it's not surprising that you've now acquired more than one of the same type of "card".

    These cut-outs are controversial: some collectors think they shouldn't exist and cutting up sheets makes them valueless and their multiple listings clog up ebay; whereas others think it's an OK practice. Either way, they don't command high prices and usually find their way into player PC collections.

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