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    Bought from multiple members but have a question?

    Hey guys I'm still kind of new to this site even though I have made a couple purchases from other members. I am wondering about the new member must send first rule. If I am selling a card, do I have to send the card to another member before I receive payment? Thanks!

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    wrong section, but I believe so until you hit 20 postivite feedback? correct me if im wrong someone

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    Yea you're right. Crust looked through the rules one last time. I figured it out thanks! Sorry for posting in the wrong section. Thought this was a good place.

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    You do indeed, unless the member you're selling to has a permanent msf tag (which is the same for trading as well)

    From the scf rulebook

    Article II. Must Send First (MSF): As the #1 Trading and Discussion site on the net, we garner numerous new members daily. As a new member, it is imperative that you establish yourself on SCF.
    Section 2.01 MSF Less Than 20 Feedback Score - All members with a trader rating fewer than 20 must send first on a transaction. It does not matter if you are buying, selling or trading.

    Section 2.02 If both members have less than 20 feedbacks they must send at the same time.

    Section 2.03 If a member with 20 or more feedback score sends at the same time with a member with less than 20 feedback score, or any MSF tag, that member waives his/her right to file a dispute on SCF.

    Section 2.04 Any trader with an MSF badge is required by the site to send first under all circumstances, buying, trading, and selling.

    Section 2.05 Permanent MSF Badge - There are times when issues arise and traders have difficulty completing transactions in a timely fashion. These traders eventually attain a permanent MSF on all transactions badge. If a member has a permanent MSF badge, they must send first in every instance, even when dealing with new members.


    Section 2.06 Transfer Feedback - Members who have 20 or more feedback from other trading sites may post a transfer request in our Feedback Transfer Forum.

    Section 2.07 Members with transferred feedback and SCF feedback totaling 20 or more do not need to send first.

    Section 2.08 Other Trading Sites - SCF does respect and honor all feedback history from the following sites:
    (a) Sports Card Freaks
    (b) Trader Retreat
    (c) Hobby Insider
    (d) Rusty Soap Box/Sports Card Haven
    (e) The Bench
    (f) UCB
    (g) NUTS
    (h) TCC
    (i) NSCF
    (j) Hobby Kings
    (k) Beckett (as of December 14, 2009)
    (l) (as of April 23, 2010)
    (m) Dascardboard (as of June 28th, 2010)
    (n) (as of December 28th, 2010)
    (o) Topshelfhockey (as of January 10, 2011)
    Section 2.09 SCF Escrow Service – SCF offers its members an Escrow service in which high end items for trade can be administered by SCF. For details on this service see this thread: How Escrow Works
    Hope that helps,

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    Welcome to SCF Layne

    If you have any question on the New User MSF rules or feedback please just PM me
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