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    Can I get a clairification of my protection on here buying and using Paypal?

    Hey guys just need a clarification on when I buy something on here:

    Am I covered through Paypal if I have an agreement on here to buy something as goods with buyer protection? Here is why I ask...

    I was scammed 2 months ago by a member for 30.00 or so. I paid and he hasn't logged on since. I sent gift, my mistake, and I am taking it as a lesson learned. I called Paypal just to see if they could do anything and they said all I could really do was open a claim and try and convince to refund my money, but they couldn't "force" him to.

    Here is my problem, I didn't understand if they couldn't "force" him to because I sent as gift or because the deal was here and not eBay. The deal happened on 11/3 and I still haven't had resolution on here from my dispute, but like I said I have already considered it a loss. I still plan on dealing on here, but will never use gift again.

    Basically I am asking: If I buy on here using Paypal and sending it for "goods", and never receive cards, am I covered by Paypal Buyer protection? Can I use the case that I make on here in the dispute section to prove my case in a Paypal claim?

    I hope this makes sense, guess I am just confused.

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    It's because you sent as a gift. If you had not sent as a gift and if the member could not provide proof of shipping, etc. then you'd be getting your money back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward View Post
    It's because you sent as a gift. If you had not sent as a gift and if the member could not provide proof of shipping, etc. then you'd be getting your money back.

    thanks bud, that's what i figured, will NOT make that mistake again

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    If you pay for an item on SCF with Paypal - even if you select gift - and you used a credit card (as opposed to payment from paypal funds or bank account) and do not receive the item, I am pretty certain you could win a claim with your credit card. I have not had that situation, but I have filed other claims with my b of a visa and won every claim. The bank (credit card) just reverses the transaction and paypal cannot do anything about it.

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    So are you saying to always use my credit card and not my checking account? I have both of them on my Paypal account...

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    This is why my sig says what it does, because paypal will not refund gift payments. Now if you had used the standard, fee applied, payment then they would ask the other person for proof of delivery and if they can't provide it then they will refund your money. It doesn't matter whether it was here or some other non-ebay site. The only difference is they already have all the info from ebay sales, other sites you'll have to send them all the info on sale agreement and what not, but if the other person can't provide proof of delivery, just like on ebay, then you would get your money back.
    But you paid with gift, at the sellers request I assume, so you didn't pay them fees so regardless of what info you can give them, they will say too bad because a gift is a gift and doesn't require the other person to send you anything to receive said gift. They will tell you if it was for goods, then you should have used the goods payment and you would have been covered but since you didn't and sent as a gift to avoid fees that your SOL.

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    I agree JFB, NEVER send as a gift.......EVER!!! Been burned too often with that.

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