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    Adrian Peterson sets eyes on 2500 yrd year next season

    He intends to blow it out the water next season. Dickerson finished with 2,105 yards in 1985. Peterson wants 2,500."I want to try to set the ball higher than that," Peterson said. "I want to make it the 2,500 club.
    "It's definitely out there. I feel like it's definitely attainable. ... Enjoy this last year because the record's going down, with ease."

    Don't get me wrong I love AP but theres no way in hell 2500 is going to be possible, not for AP not for anybody.

    Anybody have any opinions on if they think its possible or going to happen?

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    I have learned to never doubt Adrian. The dude is a machine.

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    Until AP shows that he CAN'T do something, I'll believe whatever he says about football.

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    He was basically their only offense on their run to the playoffs, so until a team can stop him, hand it to him 30+ times a game and let him go for it.

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    That's around 156 yds/game. The guy is a beast. I like his attitude and hope he makes it.
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    he is a beast and hes incredible but i dont think its possilble. besides, in this day and age i dont think you can win like that. teams that win have elite quarterbacks not running backs

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrigleyfield View Post
    I have learned to never doubt Adrian. The dude is a machine.
    This. I've never seen a running back dominate like he has this season. Although, I saw Barry Sanders play but they dominated in different ways. After the way he came back from injury, I won't judge what he says.

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    yes, if AP runs 30 times a game next yr, he'll wear down, and they won't win, because u do need to throw in this league now. i don't know if you need an elite qb, brady, rogers, p manning ,brees.You do need a good one.Unless ponder really develops or they trade for one, i don't know.

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    If he runs for that much it will be his last year playing. He'll blow his legs out doing that.

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    No way he hits 2500. I don't think he will even hit 2000 again.

    1) Making that type of statement makes teams determined to keep you from doing it. Just ask Chris Johnson, Jamal Lewis and Terrell Davis. Repeating as a 2000 yard rusher is harder than a team repeating as Super Bowl champs.

    2) He averaged 6.0 yards per carry this year, which is a key factor in him getting 2000 yards. His career average (not counting this season) is 4.8 yards per carry and other than his rookie year and this year he has never averaged over 5.0 yards per carry for a season. So assuming he drops back down to his typical YPC average of around 4.8, he would have to carry the ball 520 times to hit 2500 yards. Even if he managed to average 6.0 yards per carry again he would have to get 416 carries and he has never carried the ball more than 363 times in a season.

    The current record for carries in a season is 416. So he will have to break that record too if he is going to do 2500.
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