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    Incredible boxes! Nice Elway and that Roddy White is really cool!


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    Very nice hits! I have to say, the Russell Wilson picture could have been a better one though

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    My break actually turned out even better than I thought it was. When I opened my boxes, I pulled out two crown cards that were not dye cut. At first I thought they were an error of some kind since no one in the store knew anything about them and I certainly did not.

    Yesterday I watched a Panini Blod video of Carlos Torrez and Tracy Hackler and found out the the two card I pulled were numbered to five and four.

    One of the cards was a Drew Brees non dye cut but it was damaged. Almost threw the card was since I thought it was a common, but since I like Brees I sent it in for replacement. I called Panini customer service before sending it in, and they told me to list it as a common. After watching the video, I called customer service to let them know I had sent in a silver non dye cut numbered to five. Their rep still thought it was a common so I had her watch the video. It will be interesting to see what I end up with as a replacement.

    The other non dye cut card I pulled was a Roddy White numbered to only four copies.

    Like I said, the break was better than I thought it was already more than expected.

    Good luck to you

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    That always is amazing

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