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    5 Boxes Crow Royale - RGIII Hit

    Pretty decent product overall, happy with the boxes. Just scanning the hits, left the parallels at the shop and am keeping all of the RCs.

    McCoy #'d 3/3
    Pead /149
    Luck /149
    Hillman /149

    Morris /99
    Bolden /245
    McNutt /245
    Gordon /149

    Benjamin /245
    Herron /245
    Kendricks /245
    Ballard /25

    Vernon /49
    Givens /349
    Sanu /249
    Quick 149

    Turbin /149
    Jenkins /99
    Wright /25
    Griffin III /99

  2. Doniceage
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    Wow that RG3 is gross
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    Price/Trade on the Josh Gordon?
    E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!

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    Let me come back to you. Nice hits on your break! Congratulations!!!!

    That Griffin is amazing and I think you may have been talking with Al on the phone about the pull when I walked in to his store.

    Thanks for sharing! GREAT PULL!
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    Great looking stuff!


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    That was only 5 boxes? So you get like 3 autos a box? Thought it was only 2. Those patch autos look pretty sharp too! Good stuff man!
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    lmk if you wanna move sanu, givens, and morris.
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    I'd like to buy the Mychal Kendricks from you. PM me a price if selling. Thanks!
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