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    4 box break, 11/12 Contebders,11/12 Titanium, 12/13 Artiacts, 12/13 UD1 WOW

    Hit the casino Thursday night and hit it big, so on Friday I go out and buy 4 boxes on Friday. It seemed as though the luck continued.

    Box #1
    11/12 Titanium
    MA Fleury 11/99
    Sean Avery Game Gear (bl)
    Keith Yandle Game Gear (maroon)
    Adam Henrique Reserve auto

    Ryan Johansen auto jersey 079/100

    Jake Gardiner Rookie 12/17

    Patrick Marleu Quad Jersey 05/25

    BOX 2
    11/12 Contenders
    Calder Contenders Auto Smith-Pelley redemption
    Nick Spaulding NHL Inks

    Steven Stamkos 068/100
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    BOX #3
    12/13 Artifacts
    #108 Pekka Rinne 092/999
    #133 Corey Perry Team Canada 084/999
    #25 Eric Lindos 42/85
    NJ Rookie Redemption
    Torey Krug rookie 290/999
    Sven Baertschi rookie 570/999
    Brian Lee Autofacts
    Loungo/Kesler Tundra Tandems both white
    Corey Crawford dual jersey 091/125 both red

    Stephen Weiss 10/75

    BOX #4
    12/13 UD 1

    Hockey Heroes
    HH27 Gretzky
    HH30 Trottier

    Silver Skates
    SS6 Seguin
    SS18 Kovalchuk

    #1 Perry
    #12 Sharp
    #21 Heatley
    #41 Pavelski

    C21 Kane
    C41 Koivu
    C61 Schenn
    C81 Sedin

    Young Guns
    210 Welsh
    222 Sheahan
    225 Nolan
    234 Ness
    237 Kreider
    249 Rynnas

    Game Used
    Markov (wht)
    Bourque (blk)

    Alex Pietrangelo Patch 15/15 SOLD

    All in all a good break.

    All for FT/FS. Only trading for my 12/13 OPC wants.
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    wow nice break. pm me a price on the stamkos patch auto.

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    Wow luck indeed congrats!! Isn't the regulated guys jersey of Alex sp? If so I'm sure the patch will garner a ton of interest

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    Yeah the Pietrangelo is the only Group A Reg jersey, there are no lack of people that collect him so it will definitely fetch some nice profit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DnJcards View Post
    Wow luck indeed congrats!! Isn't the regulated guys jersey of Alex sp? If so I'm sure the patch will garner a ton of interest
    That is correct however all the game patches are /15 so I wouldn't think it fetches a premium.

    Very nice breaks, thanks for sharing.
    Super Collecting:
    Alex Pietrangelo

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    i need your:

    #108 Pekka Rinne 092/999
    Torey Krug rookie 290/999

    for my set i have lot of artifact to trade or cmb

    Cards for traders!!:

    team canada: 140 jarome Iginla 530/999
    151 Mat clark 187/999
    165 Cody Goloubef /999
    185 Matt Donovan emerald 83/99
    195 J.T. Brown emerald 51/99
    101 antti niemi 896/999
    115 MArc-Andre-Fleury 999/999
    119 semyon varlamov 195/999
    123: Tomas Vokoun 326/999
    124 tony esposito 326/999
    125 Tuukka Rask 246/999

    jersey: brett hull/ed belfour 3 color jersey
    tylers myers/tylers ennis 2 colors tanem jersey
    kevin shattenkirk/christ stewart 2 colors tandems jersey
    trevor linden jersey /125
    Jeff Carter frozen artifact orange jersey
    tomas vanek/tyler myers/tyler ennis trios 2 colors jersey
    Mike Green jersey /125
    Jarome Iginla frozen artifact red jersey
    Nikolai Kumelin jersey /125
    Nikolai Kumelin emerald 2 colors /75
    Daniel Alfredson/Jason Spezza/GRaig Anderson 3 colors jersey trios
    Brent seabrook patch 3 couleurs /75

    10 Christ drurry emerald /99
    29 Georges Parros emerald /99
    120 Ryan Miller 91/99
    I pc crosby, lemieux,glachenyuk, lafleur, habs, brodeur,larkin, artifact saphire 13-14, spx winning material 13-14,
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    Hey PM me on the Gardiner highly interested. Thanks :)

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