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    Torn on what to do, $500 to spend

    Ok, I have decided that I have $500 to spend in Feb when I get my bonus from work. Now, do I buy a box of 11-12 The Cup and either do one of two things, open it myself and see what I get? Or do I do a box break on Ebay, try and make my $ back (not listing Canucks of course because that's who I collect). Or do I post the $500 on here for the best tradebait/Canucks lot I can get? Ugh, never spent this amount at once on cards before (I am not rich like half the people on here who have tons of $ to spend on cards/boxes) I'm just so torn on what to do when I get that $!!!

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    I'd either buy 1 box of The Cup or 2 boxes of Prime, and then spend the rest on a loaded Canucks lot or Gb if you're willing to spend it all :)

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    Honestly I would just buy a bunch of Canucks singles. For $500.00 you could put together a really nice collection. Opening the Cup would be exciting but is very risky IMO

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    I would also look to see if you could find Canucks singles that you want instead of opening the cup and maybe not getting a single card you want.
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    Yeah it is a gamble buying boxes, specially a $400-500 box. I've always bought retail boxes from like Walmart n just get a bunch of little crap that I can never trade. I'd like to for once just buy a couple good hobby boxes n either do box breaks with them, or open them myself and see what I could get for tradebait now that I'm getting back into the hobby.

    I have quite the Canucks collection already Yzerfan, check out my bucket ;) $500 worth worth of Canucks would be nice but I also want to either make some $ on the cards I get from the boxes, or get some decent tradebait :P

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    I would recommend that you enter some groupbreaks with that cash! You will get some tradebait and they are also fun to be a part of. If not I would say go for the cup. Its an oppurtunity that you may not have again for a while. I have never opened it but am still dreaming about doing it. I would normally say buy singles but you have a ton of canucks sooo go for it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyFanDale View Post
    I have quite the Canucks collection already Yzerfan, check out my bucket ;) $500 worth worth of Canucks would be nice but I also want to either make some $ on the cards I get from the boxes, or get some decent tradebait :P
    Oh, haha, I didn't even look at that. If I had my collection to that point I guess I would just take a gamble on the Cup.

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    I vote do some small boxes. I was VERY happy with Contenders / SP authentic 11/12. $120 total.

    I think You could do a few hobby boxes of some good product and then go from there. I wouldn't spend it all, I would do it over time. The thing I like MOST about breaking boxes is breaking them. I then trade / sell to get another box to break it.

    It all depends on what part of collecting you like. I pick certain sets, and just collect cards i think are cool. ALONG with red wings.

    But by far, i LOVE opening packs and always choose boxes with lots of packs, ie series 1, series 2, sp authentic, Contenders. etc.

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    My advice: put $300-400 for breaks (Boxes, GBs, etc.; More expensive/fun) and $100-200 for PC/lot stuff. You can get some good PC/Lot stuff for that amount, and have some fun opening boxes.

    Also, if you are going to open a $400 product, open Superlative. It's awesome, and the Lord Stanley Cut hasn't been pulled yet to anyone's knowledge and there aren't a lot of books left!

    And.... GO CANUCKS GO!

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    I would personally go with singles. Its safe, and you could buy some really sweet Canucks pieces with $500. You will also get a nice mix, some mid range patches, some lower end rookies and a few super high end.

    The Canucks are a cheaper team hobby wise to collect.

    If you decide to go the singles route, shoot me a PM as I have some nice Canucks ( from low - higher end ) I am looking to move

    Most of all, have fun with what you do!
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