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    ‘Nightlife prevented Russian hockey juniors from making World finals’

    Disciplinary problems are the main reason that Russia's junior hockey team failed to make the finals at the home World Championships in Ufa, Aleksandr Semak, the coach of the local Tolpar club said.
    “My friends tell me every day that they saw one [Russian junior hockey team] player in a nightclub and then met the others in the street during a night walk,” RIA Novosti quoted Semak as saying.
    He also claimed that he personally came across several Team Russia members in Ufa restaurants.
    Semak said that Russia's management made a mistake basing the team's championship headquarters out of a hotel in the center of the city.
    Nobody was monitoring the players in their free time, so it was no surprise the youngsters flocked to nightclubs instead of resting and preparing for the games, he said.
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    Typical lame Russian excuses. If the bear wouldn't have stopped to take a dump, he'd have caught the rabbit. The US would have scored 5 or more on Russia, nightclub, or no nightclub.

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