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    1995-96 Collector's Choice Platinum Players Club question

    I bought a lot of 95-96 collector's choice platinum player's club cards from a dollar box a little while back. I was just looking through them and noticed that only one of the five that I have has the stamp in holofoil. The other four are just silver foil. I checked beckett on line and it doesn't show a difference between any of them. I double checked to see if they were all the platinum version, and sure enough, they are. If anyone has any info tht would be great.

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    Someone on the board collect these & I help him out with the set from time to time, I asked him the same question once and I think he mentioned that it has something to do with series I & series II from the set. One has the holofoil and one does not.

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    Awesome, thanks for the info. I just checked and the one with the holo foil is from series 2. All the others are from series 1 so that must be it.

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    Hi jprt80!

    I am the one whalechaser is referring to. If there is any of these that you will like to trade, do give me a PM.


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