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    NHL lockout 'disgusts' young Staten Island hockey fan, 9-year-old Victor Guastella, w

    Just wanted to let you how I feel about the NHL lockout. Before I do, let me tell you about myself. I am 9 years old and live in Staten Island, NY. I proudly play youth hockey in the New Jersey Youth Hockey League, Squirt Division. The team that I co-captain and play center for is the Bayonne Rangers.

    In an important league game on December 2nd, my team was trailing by two goals (3-1) during the second period. I was back checking against the other center and in a mad scramble around the net, I felt a sharp and sudden pain in my right leg. Unable to get up and continue playing, the referee blew the whistle and a coach from our team came to see how I was. Saying nothing except “it hurts,” I was escorted to the bench. After a closer look at my leg, there was blood and other stuff that I had never seen before coming out from a gash just above my kneecap. The skate blade from the other player somehow got between my shin guard and hockey pants and had sliced open some skin.

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    If only more people could grow up into a professional athlete without losing that kind of passion for the sport.

    Yes, at age 9 it is difficult to understand why they're not playing - hell, at age 31 I'm still not entirely certain why we had to lose half the season over ideology and a desperate need for a salary cap that has gone up for seven years to have to go back down right here, right now, instead of over time.

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    As a Staten Islander myself I love this kids spunk.Just goes to show the passion for the sport not the money at the younger stages.
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