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    Looking for Higher End Rookie Year Cards to Get a PC Going!

    As of now Ive only really collected football, and its 95% of what I have. I want to get into the 3 other major sports and going to start with hockey!
    Im by no means an expert, and may need some help from everyone learning the players and stars (trying to do my research as well).

    Looking to start a PC of Rookie year cards of star players in great condition with a selling value of around $50-$300 each.

    Will look at anything as long as you think they are a Star (like I said im still learning)

    Heres the list I have so far:

    Alex Ovechkin
    Steven Stamkos
    Evgeni Malkin
    Sidney Crosby
    Claude Giroux

    Please post or PM whatever you have, and what you need for it. I also have 150 mid-high end football cards if interested in that FT.

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    lots of stars in here:

    Young Guns ... rookie year

    OPC Black Rainbow xxx/100

    send me a PM if interested in anything ... good luck on your collection!!!


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    Have a look at my bucket. I've got tons.

    My bucket:

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    Looking over everything now! Forgot to mention im looking in the $50-$300 SV range for each card, ill update thread

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