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    It seems that Panini Elite and Titanium have been postponed to late January-mid February. Do you think that these products might already have the new rookie crop or is it just a marketing move to bring the same product to the market when hockey will be on TV again? In particular, Titanium only has sticker autos I think, and as jerseys are really fast to get after the games, it would not be impossible to have rookie cards inside. I guess Elite would have to rely on the redemptions at least for autos as they are hard signed as far as I remember.

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    Marketing move.

    They won't (can't?) make an RC of a player until he's actually played in an NHL game. For those who are too young for the AHL, they may even have to wait until they've played their 10th game, not sure.

    I would guess that the first sets containing players from the 2012 Draft class will release in late February / early March. Anything prior to that will either not have them or have redemptions for them

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    At least the Artifacts redemption cards will be produced now.

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    Ryan Murray won't make it into this years sets because he's having shoulder surgery and won't be playing.

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    I'm hoping to see the top names in UD2

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