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Thread: 1971 O Pee Chee

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    1971 O Pee Chee

    Bit of an off-the wall request here.

    I've recently gotten into buying 1971 O-Pee-Chee photographs from Topps. They're high quality photos that were used in 1971 to make the player head shots on the backs of the O-Pee-Chee cards.

    I've been buying the OPC cards cheap on COMC, so I can display them with the photo; the Carl Taylor photo is great - they airbrushed the Brewers "M" onto his cap, and I had to look really close to see it. It was one of the better airbrush jobs that Topps did in the 70's.

    Carl Taylor.jpg

    Anyway ...

    I ended up buying the photo used to make the #566 Tim Cullen card. And I had looked up all the cards before buying ... except that one. It turns out that the Tim Cullen card is rare, as it was a high number card.

    Does anyone have this card for trade/purchase???
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    1977 Topps Cloth

    oops .... posting error.

    Still looking for the 1971 OPC card
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