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    Wondering what to do with 1200$ ??? Cup ? Singles?

    Hey guys as some of you may know I'm putting together the cup rookie set. I'm wondering if you guys think i should spend 1200 on singles or be risky and get a case and go for a big hit? Any open any cases and got feedback ? I think it'll be a lot of fun opening the product as well. Let me know! Thanks guys :)

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    Do what you want to do! Im sure at this moment you are leaning one way or the other. Personally i own over a 100 limited logos...and i have never opened a tin of the cup. Its a huge gamble. I did once do a group break and made out huge on it, however. As of a couple years ago i would always break a lot of wax. Something changed and i primarily just buy singles now. That being said, i will never end up with a crazy cup hit. Do yourself a favor and do what makes you happy.
    Looking for:
    The most unique 08-09 The Cup Limited Logos that I can get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 514Cards View Post
    thanks I was just thinking if you get a cAse you guarantee a case hit which must make back a good amount of your money off that.
    No. This is simply not true. See numerous case breaks and the case "hit". If I were you, I would just take the cash and go buy a bunch of gold or silver from a precious metals dealer, but that's something entirely different :-p

    In all honesty, you just have to decide what's more important; The fun of cracking a case and getting $300 worth of cards or chasing down the singles you need and knowing you can finish your set or get close to it? Decide what you can live with and go from there.

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    I'd buy case..more fun, more adrenaline, more exciting..what this hobby is about IMO..but if u wanted to get the done faster, then buy singles:) and I bet you will make your money back..even if ur case was okayish, u probably could still trade for a Hopkins rookie auto..I mean I think there's 6 boxes per case..if u traded your 6 best hits, u could probably get a Hopkins auto rookie (definitely the one /93) in no time..
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    hi there

    if u wont to have fun buy a case if u wont to save money buy rookies that have potential.

    thanks johnnaseri

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