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    Price guide shmice guide

    Bought some older cards today,2008 Topps updates and highlights to be exact,was fortunate enough to pull a Darryl Strawberry ring of honor Mets world series champions autograph.I go look at my recent Becketts,which why I still buy them I don't know,has a high bv of 40 dollars,not bad considering I bought 6 2 packers at Fred's for 1.49 each,at odds of 1 in 3,218 packs thought it would be higher.I went on ebay and what I saw for the prices of ring of honor was more to my thought process.The highest booking ones in Beckett have a high bv of 60 dollars,I implore other collectors to look at the prices on ebay for these autographs and tell me Beckett does not update their price guide the way it should,alot of the autographs were being put up in the high 100,s not saying the sellers will get that much but definitely more than the 60 dollars Beckett lists them at.Mini rant over.
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    havent paid them in years. makes trading way more fun

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    yeah, becketts are pretty off. ive slowly realized that
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