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    Smile New additions...

    I just spent $20.00 on a 10 pack, factory sealed, box of 2007 Upper Deck MLB ARTIFACTS and 1 pack of 2012 TOPPS football cards and thought i would share what i found hiding inside.

    1st off, out of the 2007 MLB Artifacts box;
    *Eric Chavez AL Limited game used card 124/130
    *Trevor Hoffman Apparel card 028/199
    *Josh Johnson game used autographed card 35/55
    *Grady Sizemare Antiquity patch game used card 14/50

    2nd, out of the pack of 2012 TOPPS football;
    *Andrew Luck special edition refractor chrome card TFHM-AL

    All of these cards look awesome. I want to post pics of these but i'm having a he!! of a time trying to post 'em. For some reason this site won't let me upload anything.
    Anyway, I just thought i would share these with y'all. I'm really stoked.
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